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The Inspired Company believes saving lives requires fearless leadership, disruptive new approaches, and a renewed sense of urgency.


Powerful all in one platform for mental health services.

Over 500+ Professionals

Over 5+ categories of mental health services across all 50 states and territories.

Manage Calendar

Utilizing today's best leading calendar management tools, sending and receiving session requests have never been easier.

Manage Payments

An all in one payment management system to easily pay your provider or manage your income from clients in one place

Send/Receive Session Requests

Within seconds a user can schedule an available session with a new provider.

Join a network helping each other

A network of users helping one another and providers supporting each other's growth.

Learn about reimbursement eligibility

With Nirvana, users are now able to seek reimbursement from their sessions with providers and providers can easily get paid!

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a monthly publication

Tackling the Taboo

Let's Tlk mental health. This monthly publication dives deeper into the surrounding topics of mental health, mental illness, and everyday life.

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New Features

Coming February 2022


Providers Visible January 1, 2022


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New Partners
To Come

New Features, Partners, and Advocates Coming Soon

We are growing a network of support for the same mission: to inspired others and save lives. Stay tuned as we announce new features for Therapute, a new Spokesperson, new partnerships, and so much more this January 2022! 

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